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Comparing Fourway to other Internet services.

Internet service can be measured in a variety of ways. Speed (upload & download), latency, & relaibility are the most important factors to consider.

Speed: the rate that data/information is transferred to & from your computer(s). This is usually measured in bits per second (bps). Telephone connections can be as fast as 50,000 bits per second (if you're lucky).

Latency: the time it takes for a information to go from a computer to a destination & back. This is measured in mili-seconds (thousandths of a second). Lower times are better, Lower latency makes gaming & voip applications work better. High & inconsistent latency would for example make a user less competitive.

Other things to evaluate

Do I get a real internet (tcp/ip) address? Fourway provides a real internet address for every customer. Some providers do not. this can make it difficult or impossible for some applications or devices.

 Here are some general comparisons of Fourway & some of the alternative internet connections.

Service Provider or Technology

Speed (Up/Down, Mbps)



Monthly Quotas

True IP Address

VPN Compatible



Fourway Broadband 1.5Mb-8Mb <50ms


Yes  Yes  Good  Yes
Satellite Service ??? >500ms Yes No  No  Poor  No
 Cable Internet up to 10 Mb+ in places  <50 Check Yes Yes Good Yes
DSL Service Varies, Check <50ms Check Yes  Yes  Varies  Yes
Cellular Wireless Service ??? >200ms Yes No  Maybe  Poor  No
Other Wireless Service(s) ??? ??? ??? ???,  ???  ???  ???