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How fast is the service.

Since we use a variety of technologies to deliver our service, the exact speeds attained at any connection will vary depending on the equipment used to deliver the service.  The equipment used essentially falls into one of 2 categories.  Line of sight  (LOS) and Non Line of Sight (NLOS).  Higher speeds & more reliable connections are possible with LOS systems.  Fourway always uses LOS when possible.  NLOS is used when trees or other obstacles make it impossible to deliver using LOS.

Do I get a real internet address?

Yes, Fourway provides a true & unique internet (tcp/ip) address for every customer's connection.

How is Fourway's connection different than satellite internet?

We use wireless technology go send the internet data from your location to one of our communications sites (towers). This means we are going a much shorter distance to the internet than a satellite connection. Satellite internet connections require sending your data to a satellite that is more than 22,000 miles away. Since it takes at least 4 trips to & from the satellite for communications to occur, the distance guarantees that your latency will be a minimum of 500 ms (milliseconds), Our connections travel just a few miles, so the latency is typically at least 10 times better (faster). Fourway's connection is also much less affected by weather conditions than satellite, since it travels through much less atmosphere.

Q: can my ability to install an antenna be restricted by my city or subdivision.

the fcc has regulations which prohibit unreasonable rules restricting the installation of antennas. the following is a link to the fcc's site.

Q: What are the email settings?

Outgoing mail, authentication strongly reccomended, alternate ports (877, 2525, 4025) may be used for outgoing mail

Incoming mail server:

account name= your full email address, example

mail may be retreived or sent via our webmal system at

Q:Is the system compatible with my company's VPN?

A: Yes, our system is compatible with all vpn systems.